Current Projects

Funded Research Projects


ARC Discovery Grant: DP150100570, 2015-2017

Title: A Radical Approach to Multifunctional Coordination Solids
Chief Investigtors: Deanna D’Alessandro (University of Sydney), Brendan Abrahams, Richard Robson


ARC Discovery Grant: DP120100670, 2012-2014

Title: New Molecular Architectures: Synthesis, Structure and Properties
Chief Investigators: Brendan Abrahams and Richard Robson.


ARC Discovery Grant: DP120101066, 2012-2014

Title: Integration of crystal engineering and electrochemistry: Tunable multi-functional organic-inorganic hybrid materials
Chief Investigators: Alan Bond (Monash University), Lisandra Martin (Monash University), Brendan Abrahams and Richard Robson.


Science and Industry Endowment Fund 2012-2016

Title: Solving the Energy Waste Roadblock
The project aim is to develop new materials and processes for the capture and utilisation of carbon dioxide.
Lead Researchers: Dr Vanessa Peterson (ANSTO), Dr Matthew Hill, Dr Danielle Kennedy, Dr Aaron Thornton, Dr Nick Burke, Dr Anita Hill (CSIRO), Prof Alan Chaffee, Prof Stuart Batten, Dr David Turner, A/Prof Bradley Ladewig (Monash), Dr Christopher Sumby, Dr Christian Doonan (Adelaide), Professor Sandra Kentish, A/Prof Brendan Abrahams, Prof Richard Robson (Melbourne), A/Prof John Stride, A/Prof Marcus Cole (UNSW), Prof Cameron Kepert, Dr Deanna D’Alessandro (Sydney)